Family By-Laws
Fletcher Family


The official name of this organization is the Fletcher Family.


To do the work of GOD as a family while promoting the legacy of Mary Ann Clemons and Henry Fletcher. To provide a supportive atmosphere for the Fletcher Family members to be encouraged to strive for excellence. To educate present and future generations on the legacy and accomplishments of members of the Fletcher Family.


Membership in the Fletcher Family will be open to all persons related by blood, marriage, or legal process to the Fletcher Family. A quorum of Family Officers (3 Officers with at least President or Vice President) must be present for voting


Officers must run for election every 4 years. The officers for the Fletcher Family shall be the following:

Preside over all Fletcher Family meetings, contact Fletcher family members during the years between family reunions. Provide support for family reunion host family.
Vice President

Work alongside and serve in the absence of the President.

Will keep accurate records of all official Fletcher Family meetings including discussions, names of persons making motions and seconds, and all vote results.

Will be included in the planning of financials and funds collected at any time in support of the Fletcher Family reunion. Any bank account established by the host family will be shared with the Treasurer.

If the hosting family has an outstanding charge that exceeds the duty’s collected, the President will share with family members for additional fees to be collected.

The Treasurer's main duty is to ensure that the host family generates a final itemized financial report that will be shared with the Officers at least 45 days after the hosting family has closed out all transactions from the family reunion.


Will be responsible for maintaining Fletcher Family records and history. Will be responsible for sharing family history during the family reunion. Will be responsible for the memorial segment of the family reunion.
Will be responsible for maintaining the Fletcher Family webpage and any social media pages.
Officer elections will be held during the year of the family reunion virtually or on site. The president will serve as the election chair. Voting members must be 18 years old. The decision for each elected position will be made by a simple majority. The past president will cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie. The newly elected officers will be installed at the family banquet. Past officers will close out the current reunion and pass the torch to the new officers. Past officers will be on hand as needed for questions.
The standing committees for the Fletcher Family shall be the following:

    ● Officers - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Webmaster
    ● Family Reunion Committee (2 year out)
    ● Family Reunion Committee (4 year out)
Dues will be for family reunion ONLY (t-shirts, transportation, banquet, meet and greet, hospitality, etc.) Dues are paid during the year of each family reunion. The amount will be set by the Family Reunion Host Committee. An increase in dues over 25% from the previous family reunion must be approved by the Family Reunion Officers.
Family members should not use the Fletcher Family to make a personal profit. Each host family for a family reunion shall ensure all bills are paid and the family reunion has no outstanding debt with vendors prior to the end of each family reunion. The Treasurer will work with the hosting family to ensure debts are properly closed out and documents are provided to the Secretary for future reference. The Host family for any family reunion will send $200.00 to the next family for startup money for the next family reunion.
The Fletcher Family Reunion will be held at least every two years. The Fletcher Family Reunion will select hosting location at the business meeting. The voting family members will select two out Year hosting committees. The goals of the reunion are to reconnect with family members and make new connections with additional family members. In the event of a natural disaster and/or severe weather event, the Officers can make a decision in the best interest of the family.

The Officers will be responsible for scheduling/conducting a family business meeting in person or virtual. Our goal is always to have a business meeting that is decent, in order and a positive reflection of the heritage of the Fletcher Family. If the need arises we will use Roberts Rule of Order to guide all discussions. At the minimum we will always consider the following, Listen to the other side, be polite, and Focus on issues not personalities. The agenda for the business meeting will at least contain the following:

    1. Roll Call of Officers (To establish quorum of 3 members must include President or
        Vice President)-Conducted by Family President
    2. Opening Prayer-Conducted by Family Vice President
    3. Reading of previous approved reunion minutes-Conducted by Family Secretary
    4. Questions/Motion of read minutes-Conducted by Family President
    5. Host family business report
    6. Selection of family reunion host family and location. Each host family may present
        their ideas to the members present at the business meeting. Once each host family
        presents their plan a vote will be taken. A simple majority will win. A tie will be
        decided by the President.
    7. The location of a family reunion can only be changed after a majority vote of the
        Officers. In the event of a tie the Past President will cast the deciding vote.

    1. Church service
    2. Abide by the date and the time voted on for the reunion by the family (2nd
        weekend in July).
    3. Banquet-Lighting of the candles
    4. Room for business meeting
    5. Friday meet and greet
    6. Communication with the Officers