Family Story




Everyday is a great day to remember Grandma Mary Ann Clemons Fletcher who ranks high in the eyes of our family. We hope in this way to express our admiration, affection, respect and fond remembrance to one who has shared with us her wisdom, sound counsel and inspiration to achieve and move forward.

The roots of the family have a long, full and colorful lineage. Many heretofore-unknown facts have been uncovered. Many more details, however, remain to be researched and discovered.

Research to-date traces the lineage back to Grandma Mary Ann Clemons who was united in holy matrimony to Henry Fletcher. To this union they were blessed with nine children, namely: Everet, Henry, Lissie, Leonard, Carl, Joe, Geneva, Ida and Carrie. “Happiness” best describes what they both shared as they raised their family on a strawberry farm between Scotland and Towns, Georgia. There were no modern comforts such as running water, television, telephones, cars, etc., however, love radiated throughout the whole household. In 1913 the Fletchers came to Missouri, followed by the Horns in 1919, and the McCoys in 1920. Like the towering oak tree that spreads its roots far and deep, years later, their offspring journeyed to cities throughout the United States and are now residents of the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.

In the early 1980’s the family began to renew family ties by coming together in a “Reunion of Love” to celebrate their cultural roots. The first celebration was held in Kansas City, Missouri, July, 1984. Since then the reunions have been held in different cities throughout the United States.

1984 Kansas City, Missouri
1985 Buffalo, New York
1986 Jacksonville, Florida
1987 Detroit, Michigan
1989 Denver, Colorado
1991 Chicago, Illinois
1992 Kansas City, Missouri
1993 Atlanta, Georgia / Jacksonville
1994 Dallas, Texas
1996 Las Vegas, Nevada / Denver
1998 Kansas City, Missouri
2000 Detroit, Michigan
2002 Jacksonville, Florida
2004 St. Louis, Missouri / Kansas City
2006 Dallas, Texas
2008 Orlando, Florida / Jacksonville
2010  Denver, Colorado
2013  Atlanta, Georgia
2015  Washington, District of Columbia
2017  Dallas, Texas
2019  New Orleans, Louisiana / Denver
2022  Los Angeles, California
2023  Jacksonville, Florida
2025  Family Cruise (Destination TBD)
2027  Kansas Cty, Missouri